Stop in the name of SPAM before you break my email

Think it over….You want an email address on your website so customers can contact you directly and before you know it you are getting 100 email SPAMs every day.  How do you “make the bad man stop?” 

The problem is SPAMers use little spiders (or bots) to crawl the internet locating emails to SPAM from websites. The people who bring you SPAM have been collecting emails for years and once they get yours it takes a lot of work to turn it off. It is a pain, but worth doing.

If you are an individual or small business here are some suggestions:

  1. You can host your own emails. This means buying a dedicated PC and purchasing a hardware solution installed on that computer to stops SPAM.  Besides buying the computer you need someone to set up this PC and maintain it. This will require having an IT person on staff or finding an outside support service. Outside support seems to cost about $120 an hour right now.
  1. You can purchase Postini software which is the best online SPAM protection software. You buy a Postini license for each email address in your company and it cost between $5-$10 dollars per email address per month to use.  Every email sent runs through this online software and it sorts out what is SPAM and what is legitimate email. It does a very good job but can slow email transmission speed down.  All email SPAM is saved in a virtual folder which you can check and delete from time to time.
  1. A less expensive way to get Postini is to have your website hosted by Clever Concepts (a Reynolds Group affiliate) who will host your website for under $30 per month and provide Postini for $1.50 per user email address per month. This is a very good solution from a reliable company.
  1. Finally, you can try my trick. I was getting 40 spam messages a day on the web email address that is on both the contact page of my website and my calling cards. First, I went to the control panel on my website and changed the email address from going directly to me to being forwarded to my newly created Google Gmail email account. This email service is free from Google but you have to be invited to join. (Call or email me and I will invite you.) Google has outstanding SPAM protection and acts like a filter, stopping all the SPAM I was getting from that account. It was very easy to set up and Gmail does a great job of sorting the good email from the bad.

The only downside to this trick is that I had to set up a new company email address that I can use from my computer. I will not publish this email on my website.

The SPAM has stopped! I will miss receiving the hundreds of emails a week about drugs, lonely women and enhanced body parts…not!


admin on December 4th 2007 in Web Stuff

2 Responses to “Stop in the name of SPAM before you break my email”

  1. Jim Davis responded on 04 Dec 2007 at 10:06 pm #


    Thanks for the blog on SPAM. It is the bain of our existence. So when you hit reply from Gmail does it now show your Gmail address rather than the reynoldsgroup address?


  2. Hestertx responded on 19 Mar 2008 at 12:30 am #

    nice work, brother

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