Milt Reynolds and the Ball Point Pen

Milt Reynolds & The Ballpoint Pen

A New Novel about the life and times of the man who believed, to do the impossible, it had to be done NOW!

Even in death, when Milton Reynolds’ name comes up, he commands a room. If you ever did business with him you would never forget it. When a group of friends, associates or competitors met there was always a new story to tell about Milt that ended in someone saying “that story was true” and then a big laugh. Heck, inĀ  1975 my employer docked my pay $20 bucks because I was his grandson. He had bought a pen that leaked in 1949 and swore he’d get his money back someday… he laughed… I cried.

In life Milt is credited with not only inventing the ballpoint pen but: revolutionizing retail signing; setting world records for the fastest times flying around the world (competing with Howard Hughes); and searching for a higher mountain than Mt Everest in the Himalayas, while possibly spying on the Chinese…. and more.

There are business school courses that still use Milt and the introduction of the ballpoint pen as a classic marketing case-study. This new book, Mr Ballpoint, will give you a good flavor of what really happened as well as what life was like in the late 40’s.

The story begins in Chicago towards the end of the Second World War and pits a fictional version of my father, Jim Reynolds, against his super-entrepreneur and “film-flam” father, Milt. Although many of the stories are true, Jim’s character embodies four or five real men that surrounded my grandfather at the time. Also, the two fictional characters the author creates make a compelling father/son story.

The author of Mr Ballpoint is a good friend of mine, Gerald Jones who met my father 3 months before he passed. Dad told Gerald he wanted the story to be a musical… but for now a book must do! Although I was a help and a cheerleader… Gerald did the heavy lifting in terms of research and writing Mr Ballpoint.

The story is historically accurate and the funniest parts are true. It is an ideal read for history buffs and high school or college-aged kids who might want to know more about Post-World War II America.

Milt was a marketing genius and unparalleled self-promoter who possessed a fabulous sense of timing and humor. He was a pirate and steely-eyed businessman who thought the impossible could be done, but it had to happen right now. He made enemies… but never for too long. Did I mention he was very charming?

Oh, can we tell stories!

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