When Is It Time to Get a New Website

When is it time to get a new website?
It is not the age or technology that determines when it is time to replace a website, it is results and how it performs against the completion.

A well thought-out website will pay for
itself every 6 months… It is worth the investment.

Times They Are A Changin’

The time in which a website must to be fine-tuned and updated to stay competitive is shrinking. To be specific, since 2002, the rate “from time-of-launch” a website starts becoming outdated has collapsed from two years to three months!

The Internet is tilting to benefit the “biggest” Internet players and away from the rest of us!

If your website was made in the last decade (or in the last century) and you are getting a steady flow of leads there is no reason to update your website. If that is not the case, maybe it is time to step up your game. Are you being found? Are you getting leads, or more importantly, sales that can be traced to your Internet strategy?

Get back in the game

An Internet marketing strategy is a plan coupled with an easy-to-use CMS (Content Management System) to update and manage your website content. If your lead quality and sales are “under-whelming” or dropping….whether your website is one-year-old or ten, it may be time to review your strategy, try a little Search Engine Marketing, update your content or possibly… it’s time to rebuild your website.

4 things your website should say in a few seconds:

  1. Who you are
  2. What you do
  3. Who you do it for
  4. How to reach you

5 things your website should do in a few seconds:

  1. Be found
  2. Invoke trust
  3. Motivate action
  4. Create leads
  5. Demonstrate leadership

Three recent websites we built and optimized:

Simple performance factors to follow:

Start by knowing what you want your website to accomplish, balanced by what your clients want to know, then set goals and measure results. Watch:

  • Quality of leads
  • Average time on website
  • Bounce rate
  • Return visits
  • 5-10 top keyword rankings
  • Website activity – year to year
  • Sales attributed to website

To evaluate your performance, use your inbound sales staff, historical data from Google Analytics and industry norms.

Give us a call if you have questions or need any help!

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