Make A Difference

Here are three simple ideas you may find rewarding while creating new business in the next 12 months.

1. Join a networking group

Get out of that rut!

Not all networking is on the internet. Plenty of people are getting out and doing it belly to belly.

  • It will forced you talk about what you do and who are your best customers… which will help you think through all phases of your marketing.
  • You find new business opportunities.
  • You will expand your network of trusted advisers, which will help you and your clients when they ask for help.
  • It will make you a better salesman.

There are lots of business networking groups like NexGen Provisors, Meet-up, BNI International, Vistage, etc. Depending on your business, other organizations to consider are trade associations, service clubs, a local Chamber of Commerce and religiously affiliated groups.

Join Toastmasters. It will make networking easier.
Not everyone is conformable meeting new people or speaking in public… These are critical skills in networking.

Toastmasters International is a great solution. You will learn how to speak to a group in a safe environment and regularly practice those skills.

  • You will become a better public speaker
  • Meeting and speaking with new people will be easier
  • You will refine your marketing strategy
  • You will be a better salesman
  • It will expand your network too

Get involved with a Non-ProfitĀ 

It is nice to get out of your routine and help others. It is also a great way to meet people and bond while doing a good turn. You will really get to know someone if you have worked side by side with them. Some of my best business contacts and best friends have come through doing public serviceĀ  together.

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