Having a website without clear intention

Is like shouting your name at the top of Mount Wilson… You know what you are doing but no one else does
The internet used to be like the movie Field of Dreams – “If you build it, they will come”.  Getting noticed beyond a few close friends takes focused effort and clear intent. Casting too big a net actually diminishes your marketing efforts.
Here are a few challenges
  • There an abundance of competition on the world wide web
  • Content is king but it takes time and skill to write good content or blog
  • It’s expensive and time consuming to get found on search engines
  • Google and Facebook keep changing the rules
  • Finding the right social media to network with my customers
  • Applying a mobile strategy that makes sense for my business
  • Good Customers don’t write reviews
  • Making a Video requires me to being in it
Everything above is true. So…as my grandfather Milton Reynolds (“Inventor” of the ball point pen) use to say – “If you want to do the impossible you must start right away”!
A successful internet marketing strategy starts with answering these questions:
  • Who are your best customers
  • What do you want then to do
  • What do they want to know
  • Where do they go to look for information
  • How do we gain their trust
  • How and when do they connect to the internet
  • What is my brand story

The answers to these questions should help you develop a clear intent or purpose for your website strategy. Furthermore, what your intent for haivng a website should not be is to just prove you are a real business… it can be so much more than that!

Here is my favorite request – I want to pay for a marketing solution that will be programmed such to automatically and effortlessly brings me great leads every day, guaranteed. In my experience that is wishful thinking and may lead to an expensive disappointment. Success will most likely be a combination for digital programming and traditional marketing techniques that work together effectively. Having a clear marketing intent that your customers understand and remember will pull create results

My Recommendations:
Think like your customer, set a budget, take small steps, measure results, plan your work and then work your plan!

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