4 “Must Have’s” For Your Website

Recently I have been doing website reviews for manufacturing companies in the Los Angeles area. It has been fun to see what the state of internet marketing is, in this group. There are four things I see the most often that, if improved, would make a difference to the number of leads these websites generate.

1. Be Social Media Compliant

Social media has changed the way visitors view your  website. Being active on Facebook may not be important for your business but your website still needs to act in a “social” way. It is what the public expects… to be up-to-date, relevant, conversational and make important information on your website easy to share with others.

This means:

  • Have a Content Management System (CMS) so there is no waiting for the website to be updated…you are in control!
  • On your inside pages, there is meaningful content like: product information; specification; white papers; and industry updates… to make sharing those pages by email or on a social media site a one-step process… look in the right hand corner of this webpage.
  • Have a LinkedIn Profile so you can easily network and have conversations with relevant industry groups… Check out mine.

2. Websites Are Visual – Use Your Own Photography
What makes a beautiful website stand out? Beautiful images. Stock photography is nice but it has a “sameness” that defies “outstanding.” The best websites are built around quality images taken by a professional or created by a skilled Computer Generated Image (CGI) Specialist

3. Phone Number - Big and On Every Page

90% of the visitors who come to your site are looking for a phone number. Why make them search for it? It should be at the same visual level as your name and logo. We suggest making it in large type, and placing it in the upper right hand corner of the page-header next to other calls to action like “find a rep” or “get a quote.” I even put the phone number first thing in the meta description (SEO) because you can see it on your page return in Google … See the description under my Google search return.

4. Do the first step in SEO (Search engine Optimization)

Add a title tag to every page of your website.  Go into your website code and add 5-7 keywords in the meta tag section called “title.” This is the text your eye can see at the very top of your browser when your website is open.  It should be unique on every page… Look and see my title tags. It starts with “The Reynolds Group” followed by a string a keywords “Internet Marketing, Marketing Strategy,” etc. It is located above the graphics, phone number, logo and browser tabs.

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10 Simple Ways To Get Google Juice

Google Juice is the stuff your website needs to achieve higher page ranking.  If your website is a critical lead source for your business, it is best to have an internet strategy that includes more Google Juice or has effective Search Engine Optimization.

Here are the basics:

1. Content Content Content
Fresh content that is relevant and current is the easiest way to have your website perform well on Google search. If adding content is not happening because adding it is hard to do there are easy fixes that are well worth the money.

2. Page Title Tag Not Relevant or Too Long
A page title is the text shown at the top of your browser window. It is also the title of a page as shown in Google search results. It is the most important meta tag and should contain the most important keywords for your website or that website page.
From a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) perspective, make sure every page has a title tag. Then it is good to keep your page titles concise. If your page title is over 70 characters it will dilute the importance of each term in the title.

3. Meta Description Longer Than 150 Characters
Meta description is the second most important meta tag and is important for drawing in visitors from search. The meta description is the text under a page title in search results. Like page titles, meta descriptions will get cut off and replaced by “…” if they are too long.

4. Actual Page Title Not Targeting Realistic Keywords
A key factor in search engine ranking is how closely the title of a page matches the user’s search terms. Avoid unnecessary descriptive words because users don’t actually search for them. Do not use your company name at the start of the page title. The first few words in a page title are the most influential in search engine results. You want people that don’t know about your brand to be able to find you, so using more general industry keywords is important.

5. Page Keywords Are All The Same
Each page on your website is a new opportunity to get found online. You don’t want to waste all these opportunities by reusing the same page titles or internal page keywords.

6. Domain Name Set to Expire Soon
Search engines favor websites that are not set to expire for a long time. Having your domain name registered for the next few years shows committment, and means your website is less likely to be spammy.

7. Images Have No ALT Text
Search engines do not “read” images. They scan primarily for text. Fortunately with the ALT tag, you can associate text with an image. ALT text does not have as much influence on the page keywords as actual text on the page, but is still worth having.

8. Contact Forms Too Lengthy
Contact forms are crucial for converting traffic into leads. However, more traffic will be willing to become a lead if your forms are short and done right. Limit the content of your forms to only the information you need.

9. Too little (or Too Much) Text
Search engines read text better than anything else. So, it’s important to have text on your web page. Knowing this, some people cram as much text as possible into a page. As a result, search engines then struggle to extract the relevant text.

10. Not Using Analytics
Even after you’ve created interesting content on your website, optimized, and converted traffic into leads, your work is not done! If you want your website to be all it can be, you should analyze your results, and refine your SEO strategy accordingly. Google Analytic is free… Use it!

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The Reynolds Group has a new website which, for me, is both exciting and a little nerve-racking. It is hard to be your own consultant but I followed all the same steps I advise my clients to do. PLUS, I had help from my great team… thanks  Debra and Matt, it never would have happened without you.

The Reynolds Group
Intergrated Marketing

As Confucius advises, “Strive to keep a new mind” so we welcome your feedback! Please communicate your opinions or thoughts after you have checked it out!


1. Review analytics
I do not get a lot of visitors to my website, but if you take a year’s worth of activity I had about 2000 unique visits.  The number one page by far (besides the homepage) was the “About Us” page. The second most visited was “Our Work.” This is were we focused our attention since this is where our visitors go.

2. Review the current website – ask clients and friends “What works?” and “What does not work?”
Most people said they liked the old site because it felt friendly. (I am sure it was the cute picture of the bald guy on the homepage!) However, most people said they thought we were just a web design company. We provide many other services but no one knew it! To date we have built over 100 websites and for many of those same clients we provide on-going strategy and marketing support as well!

3. What excites our clients
Our clients want more than a website or brochure, they want results from their marketing dollars. They need an integrated marketing plan that is measurable. It starts with an advanced website that generates leads and drives new business. The Reynolds Group has a great track record of creating marketing and business strategies that work. We are an exceptionally talented and experienced team of “doers” who know how to collaborate with our clients to make a difference… and that is reflected in our growing body of work.

4. What is the goal
For us, the website must be a place where potential clients learn about our full range of services as well as evaluate our abilities and background. In four years, The Reynolds Group has not received one lead from a search engine. Our original website performed well in local searches but that is not where our business comes from.  We dropped most of the SEO text and links in favor of graphics. We will spend more effort on LinkedIn (our Social Media of choice) and of course continue to blog.

5. What excites me about this website
It is exciting to see in one place the results of six years of our work. The Reynolds Group’s “creatives” have strong branding elements; the websites are clear and easy to manage; the websites perform well on search engines; our photography tells a story; our logos have soul and most importantly, our strategies make a difference! The Reynolds Group has a proven track record with clients who will speak on our behalf about the results we have achieved together.

6. Where will this website go?
Our business is driven by the internet, a space that changes every 90 days! Now we have a website that will meet that challenge! Our website is built on Organic CMS (Content Management System) created by my friend and associate Matt Ramage. It is the best internet marketing platform for a website we have ever seen. This tool allows us to easily change and add content, do onsite SEO and more, in just an instant… and today, even that may still be too slow!

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Is your Social Media strategy killing your customers ?

Companies are paying big bucks to Social Media consultants and services who are overexposing their business and turning customers off.  Filling up the email box of a prized customer with useless and unwanted information does not endear them. The customer’s natural response is to turn them off!

For the first time in its short history FACEBOOK usage is on the declinePeople are un-linking business pages. They are becoming skeptical and jaded because of its over-use. The public is getting wise to the fact that some businesses “game” the system to their advantage. Read more about this topic here: “Are we killing our customers with engagement?”

Make your SM strategy about your client… not you!
Social Media is not bad… just misused. Proper use will gain new customers and expand your brand. It will keep your customers up-to-date and informed. It is friendly, compelling, and personal — not pushy, second-hand, deceptive, or abrasive.

Social Media has many forms and choosing the right one for your client is critical. Not every Social Media tool will work for every business. However, businesses and customers want and need a marketing tool that allows real-time – two way conversations. Moreover, effective Social Media marketing will improve Search Engine Optimization (SEO) which will result in higher page ranking on Google and Yahoo.

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Building Your Brand Will Increase The Value of Your Business

Simon Burrow, a recent speaker at NexGen, a peer-network for business owners and executives, offered advice on how to sell a business. He stated that building and promoting his brand was the single most valuable thing he ever did! Buyers pay more for a brand than for a customer list or operational skills.

What impressed me most about Simon was that he always worked from clear intentions. He wanted to own a business, not own a job. He wanted to sell that business profitably. He determined the price he needed from the business to be comfortable for the rest of his life. He enlisted his employees to help him grow the company, promote the brand and deliver a consistent level of service. He knew who the right buyers would be and got his brand in front of them.
Simon started his business by developing a clean logo and appropriate tag line and never changed it. He put it on every piece of paper or pen they had… and on every division he started. He worked hard to get it in front of his whole audience including customers, vendors, and the natural buyers of his business. He burned it into their consciousness.

He sold his business for the price he wanted. His customers and equipment were absorbed into the acquiring company, but his brand lives on, creating even greater value for the buyer. Everybody won!

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I was born to help businesses on the web.

For twenty seven years I worked in a family business my grandfather started called Reynolds Printasign Co. We manufactured and sold internationally machines that made Point of Purchase (POP) signs. Our motto was “Nothing reads easier than type.” Our equipment gave typeset quality to signs and presentations using typewriter technique. It was the state-of-the-art from 1929-1984.

To sell our machines we had to convince retailers that good signs sell merchandise. Once sold, to insure results, we then taught the retailer’s staff how to write effective sign copy.

Below is an excerpt from a brochure my father wrote in 1966 (I was in the sixth grade). What you will read is also good advice on why to have a website and how to write web or social media content. Just replace the word “sign” with “website” and add several zeros after any number.

Dad wrote:

Whether You Are Selling Ideas or Products
Make it Graphic

  • To move ideas or products you must first move people
  • Good graphic presentation maintains the image you have worked hard to create
  • Visual communication is efficient… Twenty people at a time can read a sign or presentation
  • Remember that a “visual” is never too tired or too busy to tell, to sell, to inform, to direct
  • Copy well thought out will lead the reader your way
  • People don’t think with their “thinkers” they think with their  “feelers” – their emotions
  • “Who me?” and “Why?” are questions your prospect has a right to ask – and you MUST answer
  • Remember, the reader is interested in the reader
  • The answer to what motivates people is “What makes people people?”
  • Retailers: a sign sells efficiently 40, 50, 70 hours a week at a cost of pennies.

Another thing my father said was that our society is suffering from information overload and how important “a tight, well-engineered message” can be. Here is a great video on information overload today.

My favorite line:
“If you have the same problem for a long time, perhaps it’s not a problem; perhaps it’s a fact.”

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In this economy listen to Grandpa

Things are tough and people seem under more stress than ever.  Tempers are short and emotions high. Here are some not-so random thoughts

“Progress always involves risk. You will never make it to second base with your foot firmly planted on first”

“Do the right thing, it will amaze your friends and confound your enemies”

“Don’t let negative people determine your agenda”.

“When you come to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on.”

“Smile – It will make people wonder what you are up to!”

And Remember

PEACE and Fortitide

How to be a success on the internet… listen to grandma


Grandma’s advice:

  • In life you will get what you give.
  • Do unto others as you would have them do unto you
  •  The best relationships are Win – Win
  • Live life with passion

How it applies to Internet Strategy:

  • Your actions now predict what kind of future you will have….
    • Get involved and participate in the discussion
    • The most valuable thing you can give people is time – interact with your employees & customers.
    • Be sincere in your internet communication
    • Feedback is very important…. Even if it is negative
  • Act with integrity
    • Throw hard at the issue not at the person
    • Praise in public and admonish in private
    • Speak kindly about your customers and they will talk kindly about you.
    • Don’t cheat, or lie to get your way
  •  Develop mutually beneficial relationships with your employees, vendors and customers. The best things happen when everyone wins
  • Let your passion show – Rekindle the flame for what you do

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admin on July 27th 2010 in Coaching

Website Redesign… Where to start?

The best source of leads for your company is your website. Everyone has one… but is it doing all it can for your business?

  • When is the right time to redesign your website?
  • What should be considered?

Basic questions about your website:

  • Is your website being found?
  • How many visitors convert to leads?
  • Can you analyze or measure your success?

How it should work:

  • Your website should get traffic equal to or greater than your competition.
  • Your website should be ranked on the first page of Google Search for critical keyword or phrases.
  • Your branding and content should separate the qualified visitors from the unqualified visitors.
  • Qualified visitors clearly know what to do next and easily contact you.
  • Making regular changes to site should be fast and easy.
  • There are simple tools in place to measure your website’s effectiveness.

Six tips for Redesigning your website:

  • List what your customers want from your website.
  • Create measurable goals for your website.
  • Audit what works now on your website and protect it.
  • Spend more on content than beautiful designs.
  • Make it easy and cost-effective to make changes and run marketing experiments on your website.
  • Have a few web activities you analyze consistently.

Don’t redesign just because you like change or think it is time. Get some facts and then make a decision. If you want to begin the process of redesigning your website, email me your URL at tom@reynoldsgroupweb.com for a free website analysis report.

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Marketing starts with a question and ends with clear intentions

The sales process starts with your client asking a question: “Where can I find,” “How do I” or “I need help to do X.” So before you build a website, create a flier or write an ad ask yourself what does my customer want or need that I provide. Create your message from their prospective, their questions and their desires… not yours.

Next, match your goals with theirs. Your goals may include: increasing sales, generating leads or improving visibility. Your customers goals may include: improved safety, greater reliability, more economy, increased knowledge or maximum speed.  To reach your goal means achieving their goals first. Successful businesses go further faster when they are customer centric.

Finally, tell it like it is! Be upfront about what you want the customer to do. Burying your intentions at the bottom of the page, not stating exactly what you want or assuming they know what you mean will not get the action you desire.  It is not pushy to be clear and direct.  As my dad use to say, “There is no such thing as hard sell or soft sell… just smart sell or dumb sell.”

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Ideas to Increase Business

So your core business is down and sales are flat…what can you do now to get more business?  Look to the internet!

Internet Ideas:

  • If you are not collecting emails from your customers, START NOW. Email communication with customers is the most effective and least costly way to get business.
  • Focus focus focus: Connect your exact product to the right customer using keyword themes (SEO), landing pages, Pay-Per-Click and internet PR.  If they ask the right buying question, don’t distract them with other messages or links.

Non-Internet Ideas:

  • Design a simple telemarketing program to get new names and phone numbers.
  • Mail five – call five: Send a note to 5 new prospects on Monday and call them on Thursday every week.

“NO” just means you have not sold them yet!

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