Social Media

Remember those good old days (not so long ago), when all you needed was a website to establish your company as a technologically competent enterprise?

As the technology behind Internet marketing has become more engaging, consumer sophistication has grown proportionally. Customers are no longer satisfied with an online presentation of your company's brochure.

Today's Internet users want personal interactions with those they do business with before they make a buying decision. They'd rather see photos of you and your employees, than a photo of your headquarters.

Web2.0 has made countless new features available to online marketers:

  • Blogs
  • Videos
  • Forums
  • RSS Feeds
  • Wikis
  • Social Networking Opportunities
  • Multimedia Posts

…and The Reynolds Group can put these social websites (and more) to work for you. But why are they so important to your success?

Not all business need Social Media Strategies but all business need to understand how social media has changed the internet.

These tools allow consumers to be involved in your world, while you can be a force in theirs. Relevant and dynamic content—about your business, your industry, your people or your products—can now migrate away from your site, finding its way to interested consumers across the globe. Through social network advertising and social media marketing consumers can easily link to it and, in turn, find their way back to your online presence.

Your website won't succeed in today's rapidly changing online marketing environment if it's simply a static display of information about you. Potential customers are more interested in what you can do for them. They're making judgments about your business as soon as they land on your homepage. If they're not instantly engaged, they'll move on to find another supplier who can capture their interest and, as a result, capture the sale. Online viral marketing utilizes social networking sites to create brand awareness and attract customers.