Design a Website that Works for You

Effective websites are content-rich. That content must attract search engines, as well as delivering value to prospects and customers. But developing a compelling, content-rich website takes planning.

The expertise of The Reynolds Group includes applying tested architectural design principles that carefully combine information delivery and intuitive navigation. The result will guide and hold your visitors. On your website, visitors must see their unique needs satisfied by your unique value proposition. They must be sold on the image your company projects. And your website must anticipate and answer their next question. Finally, although the website must hold their attention, visitors should never be confused or lost. The Reynolds Group recommends providing at least five different ways to access the same critical information off the home page (Navigation buttons, links, text, pictures, site map and others).

Here are questions you should ask about your website:

  • Can quality visitors instantly verify that they are on a site they want?
  • Can they quickly find the exact product or service they need?
  • Can they easily evaluate the information you provide to make a decision?
  • Can they take action at every step along the way – such as finding a related product, calling your office, emailing, or sending an RFQ or order?

Designing your site according to proper architecture is vital to successful internet marketing. Architecture involves the integration of Web design, development, and internet business strategy—combined with focused, traffic-generation tactics—to build a successful site. With well thought-out marketing and sound architecture, a great website will not fail.

The Reynolds Group’s internet business strategy consultants have more than 35 person-years of experience in internet marketing, website design, graphic design and engineering.