The Marketing Coach

When You Need A Mentor or An Extra Hand In Marketing

Tom Reynolds is a skilled integrated marketer and an understanding friend. For over 35 years he has run both manufacturing and software development companies. He has been owner, a sales manager and marketing manager in established companies with 150 employees and small start-ups. Put his experience and creativity to work as a mentor, marketing consultant and hands on doer.

He starts by understanding who you are, what your passion is and what are the needs of your customers. Combing this with Internet knowledge and experience, design and graphic communication skills, virtual and traditional marketing tools and services as well as sales and marketing savvy, Tom will help you get the measurable results you seek

*NOTE: An effective Internet strategy includes many tools and services such as: Web 2.0 Design, Content Management Systems (CMS), Shopping Carts, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Social Media Marketing (SMM), Google Analytics and other marketing and PR techniques or services to ensure the correct results. Once an Internet presence is established Reynolds Group Web also develops marketing blueprints to follow and provides traditional printing, design and marketing services that support your complete marketing plan.