Our Process

The key to increasing revenue is aligning 4 critical areas; planning, perfecting the marketing tools you have now, people and process. Without having specific, measurable objectives and tactics across all four of these areas, you're not optimized for success.

The 4 "P’s" That Generate PROFITS

Plan – Create a clear story then plan your work and work your plan. What is your mission? What are your goals and top priorities? What makes you unique, how has your customer changed, where are the new opportunities and what can you leverage right now?

Polish – Take the marketing tools you currently have and make them more effective or add new ones. Such as: update your website, revitalize your newsletter, rethink and coordinate traditional and digital marketing, refine your marketing database and engage your customers.

People – Everyone in your company is on the sales team; get them pulling in the same direction. This is often the forgotten piece but; include them, listen to them, train them, empower them and have them practice smiling on the telephone.

Process – Selling is a system that combines lead generation, persistence, and follow-through. What does your sales process look like? Is it documented? Does it help sell? Is it fast and efficient? Is the onboarding process easy? Does it include the customer's buying process? Is there a process to measure, track, post and adjust? And, don't forget to get out and network.

Growing revenue and increasing profit are more than just a handful of efforts, but rather a targeted, precise, aligned set of objectives across these four areas. If one of them is off, it is a drag. When all four are firing together, it moves the company forward.

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