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There are seven elements to an effective website:

Recognition: Your website is visible all the time -- are you ready to be seen? Does your site state quickly and clearly that you are the solution to a specific need? On the Internet, people want information fast. Your prospective clients must see who you are, what you do and how you do it -- or they will be gone. Qualified prospects will desert a homepage that does not sell, inform and entertain. The Reynolds Group will evaluate your business to help you identify and communicate directly the who, what, and how that makes you essential to new and existing customers.

Visibility: Are you visible on the internet? If a prospect uses a search engine to describe a need, would your website come up on the first page? Natural search is free and creates leads. It is the least expensive method to acquire new business. Kevin Delaney, a staff reporter at The Wall Street Journal, writes: “Search-engine advertising is crucial these days. But marketers have to know what they're doing.” The Reynolds Group knows SEO and will optimize a website to improve search engine ranking. To create quick Internet results, we assist with Pay Per Click (PPC) programs on Google and Yahoo as well as Pay for Position (PPP) programs through

Trust: What does your website say about you? Do you look like a big or small company? Are your products and services a good value? Is your company a leader in the industry? Can you be trusted to deliver on a promise? In a few seconds, your firm is judged by a visitor. How will you score? From graphic design to photography, The Reynolds Group has a team of experts ready to help you create the image you want and to consistently brand your products. An inviting design that promotes the right image also will maximize search rankings, improve navigation, provide meaningful content, and prompt action, all part of the The Reynolds Group core recommendation.

Ease: How long do visitors stay on your website? What pages do they visit? Does your website convert visitors to clients? The internet, a new medium, is best used in an entirely new way. Unlike the static printed page, visitors interact with a web page through the “clicking” of links. Users need information quickly and want multiple ways to access that information. Redundancy is good: Words, images, links, site maps and navigation buttons on every page should draw a client through a sales presentation or prompt them to action. The Reynolds Group uses tested, online architectural design principles that produce both an attractive and functional result.

Informative: Does your website show customers that you know what you’re doing? Is it clear that you are an expert and can be trusted to solve a problem? Content is critical on a website. It helps sell your goods and services, and it’s the basis for search engine ranking. All search engines want to find the center of a community. Content, links, reviews, calendars, blogs and pod-casts are all indicators that your site is active, rich and important. The Reynolds Group will help you develop a communication strategy that will connect your marketing and PR programs through your website. Or we can help you build a communication program from the ground up.

Inspire: So why do you have a website? What do you want visitors to do? Look, review, learn -- or act? We believe the process starts with the answer to those questions. We want every website visit to end with action – buy now, get a quote, take the next step. We make sure visitors can find you immediately; we urge you to post a phone number and contact info on the top right corner of every page. At The Reynolds Group, sales is not a job, it’s a passion. Let us make a difference for your business, as we have for so many others. Call us today: 818 371 5311

Think: Plan your work and work your plan. Facilitating strategic business plans and executive coaching is our mission. Sometimes getting your arms around the big picture is the best place for a small business to start when developing an effective internet business strategy. Using our 90-day Strategic Brief method, your management team will be focused on the organization’s mission, vision and values. After a few short meetings, the team can zero in on the critical issues of your business. The Reynolds Group has years of experience in professional and personal coaching that will motivate leadership, facilitate change and make a difference to you and your business today.

The Reynolds Group will evaluate your current website, at no cost. Just send us your URL, and we’ll send you a detailed analysis that may surprise you. We can make change happen fast, and you can measure the results. Send your URL to

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